79% of all respiratory outbreaks were in care homes

Week 45 ending 11th November 2018. PHE National Influenza Report

When an outbreak occurs, you need time served experts to get your Care Home back to a hygienic, comfortable and homely state as quickly as possible.

Delivered Health Solutions have been doing just that for over 20 years. Using the latest equipment and innovative solutions, we provide a rapid emergency service to support you through these challenging times.

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What are the true costs of an outbreak?

The whole Care Home is affected when an Outbreak happens. Staff need to provide additional care to the affected residents: areas are quarantined, visitors are limited, and the home has an increased risk of an inspection from the CQC.

Not only this… but when your own staff become infected, the well-being and emotional state of your team and residents can have a massive impact on morale and of course, agency staff costs.

Our range of innovative Infection Prevention and Control solutions are leading the sector and have been instrumental in reducing a large Care Home group closed days by over 61%.


Procedures and Training

The early signs of an outbreak can be easily missed by the untrained eye. The longer the infection has to gestate, the greater the impact across your entire health care environment.

Delivered Health Solutions have developed a range of processes and procedures to minimise the disruption to your staff and residents. They have been clinically proven and are used daily in 100’s of care homes around the country.

Our extensive onsite training will empower your team to manage the outbreak in a quick and effective manner, enhancing the wellbeing of the staff and resident.

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