Audits and Consultancy

With over 30 years’ experience in healthcare, we are one of the leading providers of commercial deep cleaning and environmental decontamination.

Renowned for our knowledge, results and expert team, we created the DHS Consultancy Division to provide organisations with access to some of the leading industry experts and their independent views.

Our team consult groups and individual care homes and provide tailored solutions for your specific requirements. Finding answers to your questions, assessing the now and developing a strategy for the future to secure the desired results.

Whether you are looking to invest, sell or achieve an ‘Outstanding’ report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), our team will support and guide you through the process.

Healthcare Operators

Understanding the ‘As Is’ of any business is the time when things need to change, and quickly. Management are that focused on ‘keeping the lights on’, they can be let down by trusted staff, not performing or completing the simplest of tasks. It’s these simple tasks including enhanced cleaning, infection prevention and control processes, the right equipment and PPE, that if left, will cause bad CQC results, illness and in some cases death.

We have a team of dedicated healthcare auditors and their sole purpose is to support organisations in achieving the correct level of cleanliness aligned with the CQC  and beyond.

Over the 2-day audit, we will monitor existing practices, equipment, consumables (and their usage) along with bacteria levels across the following areas:

Laundry | Kitchen/Catering | Common areas | Bedrooms | Office areas

A full report on our findings will be presented with a detailed breakdown of the results and recommendations. This will detail the positives and negatives, along with our recommendations on how to achieve the required level of hygiene as required by the CQC, in the quickest time possible.

Our Solutions

For further details on Audits and our Consultancy solutions please call 0161 848 4015 or email Today