Decontamination Solutions for Education Facilities

Over the years, it becomes harder to clean and the standard machinery no longer provides the same hygienic and visual results.

Research shows that children have the most daily contact with other people, making them most at risk for catching and spreading infections. Teachers aren’t far behind, so the opportunity for an outbreak is extremely high, making infection control a top priority for most councils.

Our Education division at Delivered Health Solutions (DHS) has over 30 years’ experience in supporting nurseries, schools, colleges and universities to not only deep clean but to greatly reduce the risk of outbreaks.

Kitchens to science labs, baby changing rooms to the playground, DHS deep clean and decontamination solutions are tailored specifically to each location and their needs.

Working alongside existing teams or as an ad-hoc solution, DHS will enhance the cleanliness and odour of your environment. With our 7 stage Enhanced Deep Clean solution we are able to sanitise every visible surface in a room.

When combined with our air decontamination and purification solution, we can keep these environments hygienically clean for up to 30 days after our team has gone.

To help maintain this level of sanitisation, we offer a range of equipment and consumables that can be used by your team on a daily basis.

Full training can be provided by our time served experts helping you maximise your Return On Investment.

We educate them on how to use and maintain the equipment, administer the correct dosages and teach them techniques honed by our team and the manufacturers.

Our Solutions

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