Emergency Services

The ‘999’ Emergency Service was created over 80 years ago (in 1937)

The service has since grown from 8,000 calls a month to well over 560,000 calls a week (around 30 million calls a year).

65% of these calls are a direct request for help, which results in vehicles being sent to support the caller.

Over the last 30 years, we have supported the emergency services after they have responded to incidents. From decontaminating ambulances to deep cleaning houses, foam extraction after a dirty protest to steam cleaning wards, our Emergency Service Division will help bring environments back to a safe hygienic state, ready for the next arrival.

Using the latest patented technology across both equipment and cleaning consumables, our solutions can keep environments clinically clean and odour neutral for up to 30 days after our team have completed our 7 stage decontamination and deep clean.

To continue with this level of cleanliness, the DHS team can also train your staff to use a range of specialist equipment and products. This aligned with honed techniques developed by the manufacturers and our expert team will minimise the risk of contamination and outbreaks.

Our solutions will enable your team to get back on duty as quickly as possible, reducing downtime and enabling more people to be helped.

Our Solutions

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