Specialist Cleaning Products and Equipment

They say prevention is better than the cure…

…so Delivered Health Solutions are focused on providing all our customers with the tools, knowledge and confidence to protect their own environments, residents, patients, employees and visitors.

Our Deep Cleaning and Decontamination teams are your second line of defence.

Your first is your in-house team who have been trained to maximise the results from the equipment and consumables you purchase. Delivered Health Solutions can help with that.

The Delivered Health Solutions teams use all the products we sell. Not only do we have first-hand knowledge and experience on each of the machines, we know their personalities, the best consumables to use and how to get the best out of them.

Our expertise in deep cleaning is second to none and have been part of R&D teams to evolve the machines and improve their results.

Call our team to discuss your requirements and find out how we can support your team.

For more information on our Specialist Cleaning products and Equipment , please Call 0161 848 4015 or Click Here



For further details on our Specialist Cleaning Products and Equipment, please call 0161 848 4015 or email Today