Surface Decontamination

As soon as a pathogen hits a surface it can begin to multiply.

On average, a person touches over 600 surfaces every hour and if they’re contaminated, the risk of ill health can be high.

Not only this, if the correct hygienic solutions and procedures are not followed the spread to other surfaces and people can quickly lead to an outbreak.

Healthcare and commercial environments are often thriving with staff, visitors and residents. Few of whom understand the full dangers of pathogens and therefore do not take the necessary actions to reduce the risk of contamination.

This is where Delivered Health Solutions’ services, product range and techniques can help reduce the risk associated with the pathogens, peoples cleanliness and habits.

Maintaining a Hygienic Clean

As soon as a surface is cleaned with household cleaning products, it can become a breeding ground for pathogens enhanced by pollutants in the air and human contact.

By developing an evolving action plan with specific commercial cleaning solutions and techniques, it will greatly reduce the risk and could keep your environments hygienically safe for up to 30 days.

Our exclusive range of daily use TECcare products will provide you and your team with the tools to enhance your clean and protect your patients, residents, visitors and staff.

When a full deep clean or the decontamination of an environment is required our nation-wide team will be available to get you back to a hygienic clean, fast.

If you would like to take the DHS Challenge click here and find out ‘How Clean your Clean’ actually is…


Our exclusive surface TECcare®wipes will provide a hygienic clean on hard surfaces using the TECcare® CONTROL technology platform.

They have been specifically developed to kill 99.9% of all pathogens within 1 minute of contact and will continue to work for up to 30 days after the initial clean.

There are two different wipes depending on your requirements:


  • 200 wipes/canister
  • 200 x 200mm / wipe
  • Polypropylene wipe material
  • Perfect for everyday cleaning and disinfection


  • 200 wipes/pouch
  • 200 x 250mm / wipe
  • A highly textured polypropylene wipe
  • Perfect for removing stubborn dirt and organic matter from specialist equipment and medical devices


As a very high-level disinfectant TECcare® ULTRA is specifically designed to minimise the risk of infection, cross infection, cross-contamination, spoilage etc. which occurs as a result of contact with surfaces or air

  • 4-litre drum of concentrate
  • Makes between 100 and 200 litres of ready for use TECcare® ULTRA fluid (depending upon its application and subsequent dilution rate)
  • Easy to dilute, mix and store (no special storage requirements)
  • Suitable for use with all cleaning systems including cloths, mops, microfibre etc.
  • Can be used with the TECcare® SMART pump system

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